MSP AoA NOMA and AIA’s state and local chapters are collaborating to convene the architecture community around assistance to affected communities and property owners in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. We are aware of a variety of needs and resources that have been put forward. Some of these needs and resources relate to immediate-term assessment of structural issues to help property owners determine next steps. Others relate to near-term plans of owners to rebuild. And there are also longer-term considerations related to properties where owners do not plan to rebuild, or want to rethink what they might want to do with their properties, as well as broader development efforts that affected communities would like to see happen.

Related to the near-term and longer-term needs, significant concerns have been expressed by community members about potential gentrification and the desire to ensure any redevelopment efforts are community-led. If you are involved in an effort (formal or emerging) related to immediate, near-term, or longer-term assessment or rebuilding of properties in the affected areas of Minneapolis and St. Paul, please join this meeting. In this meeting, we will aim have participants share what efforts they are aware of or involved in and gather thoughts on how Minnesota’s architecture community can best mobilize our resources.