2020 ARE Scholarship

Deadline: Friday, January 17, 2020

The AIA Minnesota Architect Licensing Advisory Committee coordinates awarding a scholarship to an AIA Minnesota Associate member to cover the costs of all sections of the Architect Registration Exam, within the parameters defined in the application. 5.0 test fees currently total $1,470 for all six sections of this exam. 


  • By the time of application, the applicant must be an AIA Minnesota Associate member
  • Eligible applicants may have begun the test taking process 
  • The applicant’s employer does not reimburse employees for test fees

Visit AIA Minnesota 2020 ARE Scholarship for details. 

2019 ARE Scholarship

Congratulations to Hans-Christian Karlsburg, Assoc. AIA, for receiving the 2019 ARE Scholarship.

In a blind review, Hans-Christian was selected to receive AIA Minnesota’s 2019 ARE Scholarship. In 300 words or less, applicants were required to write an essay defining the role of the licensed architect of the future.

The thesis for Hans-Christian’s essay is, “The architect has a profound disposition to steward the built environment on political, ecological, as well as social levels. Our cities and towns are not built solely through the development of buildings, but on the foundations of public space.”

Click here to read Hans-Christian’s essay.


Previous Scholarship Recipients

2018: John Kretchmer
2017: Eric Lagergren
2016: Kaitlin Schalow
2015: Abigail Merlis
2014: Ross Elenkiwich
2013: Jessica Soffer Kraft
2010: Ryan Erspamer
2009: James Lindborg and David Wilson
2008: Jennifer Wyman
2007: Puneet Vedi and James Arentson and Rebecca Hine
2005: Allissa Pier and Travis Miller

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