Over the past decade, visitors to the Homes by Architects Tour have stepped inside 168 homes to experience the architect-designed difference. This year we add 17 more spectacular projects to that total.

Whether scouting the newest tends in home products, shopping for an architect, or enjoying the view as lover of high-quality design, this tour has something for everyone.  From an 8,000 square-foot architectural gem to a prototype home for rapidly-deployable, affordable housing, visitors will experience a full range of architect-designed projects and see the richness of architectural talent our region has to offer.

Living Large in Small Spaces

If you are considering a future remodeling project, make time in your tour itinerary to stop by Home #6 and speak with architect Eric Odor, AIA, whose magician-like architectural skills created order from a chaotic floorplan and provided new light-filled, spacious living spaces, all within the original footprint of the home.

And when visiting the modern beauty at Home #10 designed by Peterssen/Keller Architecture, be sure to head to the back yard and step into the accessory dwelling unit (ADU)—a design solution gaining popularity for its ability to create living space in a dense, urban environment.

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