MINNEAPOLIS, June 30, 2023—Two architects were selected for the 2023 Young Architects Award. This award is given by AIA Minnesota to individuals who, in the early stage of their architecture career, have shown exceptional leadership and made significant contributions to the profession. AIA Minnesota members who have been licensed to practice architecture less than 10 years are eligible for nomination.
This year’s winners demonstrated excellence across all criteria and leadership measures: design excellence, practice, education, service, and contributions to the profession. The diversity of their built projects and mentorship of the next generation of designers make them standout leaders in our state and the profession.
The 2023 AIA Minnesota Young Architects Award recipients are:
Laura Eder AIA, vice president and director of sustainable design at ESG Architecture & Design, is shaping the way urban mixed-use architecture can reduce impacts of climate change by leading initiatives that advance the design process and educate the design community. In addition to her career-long commitment to sustainability, the jurors cited the unmistakable admiration for Eder in the nomination and recommendation letters written by colleagues, collaborators, and clients.
Katie Kangas, AIA, founder of Pasque Architecture, works holistically to transform workspace culture, professional practice, and public spaces. Her approach to leadership focuses on sharing stories of colleagues, clients, and communities. Jurors were struck by the sheer volume and impact of her community and AIA volunteer activities, the insights and tools she’s developed for graduates entering the profession, and her growing expertise in historic preservation.
The AIA Minnesota Young Architects Award jury included representatives from AIA Minnesota committees and award winners Doug Bergert, AIAAnjali Ganapathy, Assoc. AIA, NOMA, Jessica Garcia-Fritz, Richard Graves, FAIA, and Kyle Palzer, AIA.
The 2023 Young Architects Award recipients will be recognized at an AIA Minnesota Awards Celebration on Thursday, August 17, 2023.
Recipients of this award are encouraged to submit for the AIA National Young Architects Award. To date, 32 AIA Minnesota architects have received the national award, including: Vicki L. Hooper, AIA, and Joan Soranno, FAIA, in 1993; William Blanski, FAIA, 1995; Michael Fischer, AIA, and Robert Rothman, AIA, 1996; Jeffrey Kagermeier, AIA, 2001; Mohammed Lawal, FAIA, 2002; Paul Neuhaus, AIA, 2003; Janis LaDouceur, 2004; James Dayton, AIA, 2005; Philip Koski, AIA, 2007; Michael Meehan, AIA, 2008; Matthew Kreilich, FAIA, and Michael Schellin, AIA, 2009; Steven Dwyer, FAIA, 2011; Timothy Bicknell, AIA, 2012; John Dwyer, AIA, and Alissa D. Luepke Pier, AIA, 2013; Bob Ganser, AIA, Amy Kalar, AIA, and Karen Lu, AIA, 2016; Angela Wolf Scott, AIA, and Malini Srivastava, AIA, 2018; James Garrett Jr., FAIA, NOMA, 2019; Meredith Hayes Gordon, AIA, Damaris Melo, AIA, NOMA, Amber Sausen, AIA, and Jesse Turck, AIA, 2020; Dagmara Larsen, AIA, and Daniel Yudchitz, AIA, 2021; and Simona Fischer, AIA, and David Wilson, AIA, 2023.
More information regarding the AIA Minnesota Young Architects Award may be found here.
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