To become an architect in Minnesota, you must satisfy:

An education requirement, an NAAB Accredited Professional Degree (B.Arch or M.Arch)

An experience requirement, through the Intern Development Program (IDP)

And an examination requirement, the Architect Registration Examination (ARE)

Education Requirement

The University of Minnesota School of Architecture is the only accredited school in Minnesota from which students can graduate with a degree that will allow them to become licensed architects in the state of Minnesota.

Contact: Terence Rafferty, Director of Admissions and Recruitment, at 612-624-8817.


The IDP equates to 5,600 hours of experience, which typically takes three years to complete. The experience must be in specific training categories and has supervisory requirements. Individuals can potentially begin to earn IDP experience once they have successfully earned a high school diploma or equivalent.

Contact: Meg Parsons, AIA, State IDP Coordinator


The ARE is a seven-section computerized exam. Candidates are eligible to begin taking the exam once they have established an NCARB-IDP record. Minnesota law allows candidates to sit for the ARE while completing their experience for the IDP. According to the State of Minnesota, only after candidates successful completion of the entire ARE may they refer to themselves using the word “Architect” or “Architectural.”


National Architectural Accrediting Board — NAAB
National Council of Architectural Registration Board — NCARB
AELSLAGID — Minnesota Licensing Board
The American Institute of Architecture Students — AIAS