The Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission, AIA Minneapolis, and Preserve Minneapolis, annually partner on this awards program to honor exemplary projects, individuals, and community organizations that celebrate and enhance the heritage and historic character of Minneapolis.

These awards highlight the year’s best achievements for transforming a historic property, building, or landscape and reinventing it to incorporate both new and old elements in a way that that is respectful to the past. Nominations are selected based on their careful attention to the quality of design, architecture, workmanship, and materials as well as the positive impact on the surrounding neighborhood and community.

Historic Restoration, Rehabilitation, or Adaptive Reuse

700 Central

For a thoughtful and meticulous restoration & rehabilitation to a blighted building and maintaining an important central corridor’s character in Minneapolis.

Team Members:

  • Nolan Properties Group
  • Bader Development
  • Kaas Wilson Architects
  • ESG | Architecture & Design
  • BKBM
  • Greiner Construction
  • Hess, Roise and Company

Hewing Hotel

For the meticulous attention to detail and architectural response of this warehouse restoration, bringing continued life and expanding the vitality of Minneapolis’s North Loop neighborhood.

Team Members:

  • ESG | Architecture & Design 
  • Aparium Hotel Group, LLC
  • AWH Architects
  • Fe Equus
  • Greiner Construction
  • Steen Engineering
  • Ericksen, Roed & Associates
  • Modern
  • OlympiaTech
  • Wenzel 
  • D J Welding
  • Mulcahy Nickolaus
  • Grazzini
  • Scathain
  • Form From Form
  • Koroseal
  • Tile By Design
  • Foci Glass

New Addition to an Historic Building

Emerson Residence

For the thoughtful & dedicated attention to detail & architectural response to the seamless addition to this Arts & Craft house.

Team Members:

  • TEA2 Architects

Charles Frederick Keyes House

For the meticulous and thoughtful attention to detail while maintaining the architectural integrity of this designated historic home.

Team Members:

  • Rehkamp Larson Architects
  • Reuter Walton Construction
  • Bunkers & Associates
  •  Bob Zehrer

Grassroots: Advocacy & Education

4Word Home and Design, LLC/Robin O’Brien’s Home Restoration Projects

For an energetic & magnanimous Grassroots effort of restoring & rehabilitating three houses while also educating and advocating for a community for preservation’s sake.

Team Members:

  • Brian Finstad
  • Charlie Browning/Charlie’s Angles 
  • Brian Kallionen
  • Ryan Laniel
  • City of Minneapolis (Roxanne Kimball, Blong Yang)
  • Bauer Brothers
  • Architectural Antiques
  • Tracy Skar
  • Barnes Plumbing
  • Nick Lewandowski/St. Croix Electric
  • Daves Floor Sanding
  • John Erler
  • Greg Rosenow
  • Anders Christensen/TigerOx Painting
  • Natalie Heneghan/Preservation Alliance of Minnesota
  • Heather Young/Iron Maiden
  • David Bond/City of Minneapolis Building Inspector
  • David Hoban/City of Minneapolis, Head of Vacant Housing Program
  • Justine Beran/Twin Cities Community Land Bank
  • Constance Vork/Keller Williams Realty

The Steve Murray Award

Robert M. Frame III, Ph.D.

For his remarkable dedication and foremost expertise in Terminal Grain Elevators in the United States and for his continued passion for the preservation of Grain Elevators, especially throughout the state of Minnesota.

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About the Partners

AIA Minneapolis

AIA Minneapolis is the largest of three AIA Minnesota chapters with more than 1,600 members. Centered in Minneapolis, the chapter territory includes the southwestern portion of the state. As a large chapter, AIA Minneapolis participates with other large chapters nationwide to focus attention on significant issues facing members. The chapter provides leadership, networking, and outreach opportunities for its members.

Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission

The Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission (HPC) was formed in 1972 to serve as a citizen advisory body to the Minneapolis City Council. The HPC is part of a nation-wide network of groups dedicated to the preservation and celebration of our local and national heritage. The Commission holds public hearings on matters related to preservation twice each month. Projects that come before the commission are administered through professional preservation-planning staff in the City of Minneapolis Community Planning and Economic Development Department (CPED). These meetings are specifically held so that the Commission can hear from the public on matters related to heritage preservation. The public is welcome to attend and highly encouraged to participate.

Preserve Minneapolis

Preserve Minneapolis is a newly registered non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in Minneapolis by recognizing, preserving, and revitalizing the architectural and related cultural resources of the city of Minneapolis. Founded in 2003, the group was originally brought together to attract the 2007 National Trust for Historic Preservation conference to the Twin Cities. Preserve Minneapolis hosts monthly discussions and tours highlighting preservation activities in Minneapolis.