Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are growing in popularity throughout the Twin Cities region and beyond. These small homes share lot space with a single-family home—you may also know them as granny flats or second suites.

ADUs increase housing options in established neighborhoods, can be used for extended family or designed to be a more appropriate home for future living, and can be a source of additional income for homeowners via rent. On the 2019 Homes by Architects Tour, you can see a beautiful example of this flexible residential architecture style.

The owner of Home 9, “Side Street Suite,” wanted to downsize, and chose to create a 640-square-foot ADU in the backyard of a duplex as the way to do so. Privacy and a connection to the outdoors were successfully balanced in the compact space, and the design works to make the home feel larger than it actually is through strategically-placed glass, warm colors, and sliding doors.

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