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Before You Go: Tips for Enjoying the 2019 Homes by Architects Tour

The 2019 Homes by Architects Tour is just around the corner! Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your tour time:Plan your route—and make sure you don’t miss the faraway gems! This year’s tour has homes around the extended Twin Cities metro area, from Independence to Marine on St. Croix. […]

Sustainable Design

As sustainable materials and technology become more important, incorporating them seamlessly into attractive and livable homes is an essential skill architects bring to the table. Many homes on the 2019 Homes by Architects Tour showcase the marriage of sustainable elements with beautiful and livable design.Home 7, “Split Box,” is a remodeled split-level home featuring many […]

Remodeling Architect-Designed Work

A tasteful historic remodel will honor a home’s history while incorporating modern updates. Often, that means adapting a prominent architect’s work. How do architects address this challenge? Two homes on the 2019 Homes by Architects Tour successfully demonstrate how to balance the legacy of previous architect’s work with contemporary solutions for modern living.In St. Paul, […]

Embracing the Natural Environment

By bridging the indoor-outdoor connection, residential architects are able to design homes that blend in with their surroundings and improve the lived experience of the homeowners by enhancing their relationship with nature. These three homes on the 2019 Homes by Architects Tour demonstrate multiple techniques for bringing the outdoors in.Home 6, “Huntington Residence,” sits on […]

A Place for Play and Relaxation

Homes provide one of life’s essentials: shelter. But a good home goes beyond the basics and enhances the lives of those living in it through comfort, aesthetics, and overall good design. One way many homes on the 2019 Homes by Architects Tour enrich their owners’ lives is by deliberately incorporating spaces for play, relaxation, and […]

Designing for a Future Lifestyle

Considering future physical needs is central to designing homes that allow the homeowners to “age in place.” Many of the homes on the 2019 Homes by Architects Tour showcase the latest trends in age-in-place design, going beyond the basics and ensuring the homes are welcoming to family of all generations without sacrificing good design for […]

Making Space for Art

While all of the homes on the 2019 Homes by Architects Tour are pieces of art in and of themselves, as good architecture is, some were also designed with the homeowners’ art collections in mind. Space, light, and color were adjusted to perfectly illuminate, protect, and showcase photography, collectibles, and curiosities.Home 5, “Rapson Revival,” a […]

A New Kind of Home: The ADU

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are growing in popularity throughout the Twin Cities region and beyond. These small homes share lot space with a single-family home—you may also know them as granny flats or second suites.ADUs increase housing options in established neighborhoods, can be used for extended family or designed to be a more appropriate home […]

History Modernized

Remodeling a historic home takes finesse. A good architect honors the home’s historic legacy while meeting the modern homeowner’s needs. Three homes on the 2019 Homes by Architects Tour are historic renovations that more than succeed on both levels.Home 8, “El Rancho Residence”in St. Louis Park, was originally named the “Wagon Wheel House” and was […]

Outdoor Living

Enhancing outdoor living is one of the hottest trends in Minnesota residential architecture right now, for good reason. Outdoor spaces enhance the living experience and are an important part of how Minnesotans work and play. Many homes on the 2019 Homes by Architects tour exemplify the best and brightest examples of great outdoor living spaces.The […]

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Matrix Newsletter June 2024

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