Left to right, top to bottom: Nancy Blankfard, FAIA; Mohammed Lawal, FAIA; Paul C. Mellblom, FAIA; and Geoffrey C. Warner, FAIA.

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) elevated four AIA members from AIA Minnesota to its prestigious College of Fellows, AIA’s highest membership honor, for their exceptional work and contributions to architecture and society.

The fellowship program was developed to elevate those architects who have achieved a standard of excellence in the profession and made a significant contribution to architecture and society on a national level. Architects who have been elevated to fellowship can be identified by the designation FAIA after their name. 

Nancy Blankfard, FAIA, HGA
Mohammed Lawal, FAIA, LSE Architects, Inc.
Paul C. Mellblom, FAIA, MSR
Geoffrey C. Warner, FAIA, Alchemy LLC

Nancy Blankfard, FAIA
A skillful and accomplished leader, Nancy Blankfard transforms cultural, civic, and religious organizations through architecture of beauty, function, and grace. Her thoughtful guidance motivates teams to create buildings of inspirational substance and lasting social value.

Mohammed Lawal, FAIA
Through practice, business leadership, and purposeful mentoring, Mohammed Lawal, AIA expands the reach and social impact of the profession. He has created a growing and influential regional practice benefiting communities rarely served by Black architects.

Paul C. Mellblom, FAIA
Paul Mellblom’s focus on historically underserved people has improved lives in dozens of neighborhoods through tenacious, consistent leadership in volunteer service—and by bringing design excellence to nonprofit and pro-bono clients.

Geoffrey C. Warner, FAIA
Geoffrey C. Warner embraces Big Thinking for Small Projects. His weeHouse® and related explorations leverage design systems and prefabrication with an emphasis on craft, restraint, efficiency, and a celebratory use of resources.

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