Many homeowners want to make their mark on their individual space without making too distinctive a mark on their surrounding community. Architects can help homeowners design projects that maximize improvement opportunities without losing the character of the neighborhood. Two homes on the 2017 Homes by Architects tour met the owners’ needs and blended seamlessly with their neighborhoods.

TEA2 Architects replaced a deteriorating Excelsior lakefront home with House #1 on the same location. The house has a footprint and exterior design similar in character to that of the neighborhood, embraces a historic and graceful feel in the layout and was recognized by the City of Excelsior’s Planning Department as a model of renewal in the area.

The owners of House #9 wanted to make their smaller home live large, rather than tear it down. Christian Dean Architecture created a clay shingle-clad home to fit in with the Spanish-style houses nearby while incorporating high-quality materials and sustainable elements to make it modern and functional without losing its character.

Tickets to the 2017 Homes by Architects Tour are now available for purchase online. Tickets are $15 in advance or $20 during the tour. 

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