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What To Know Before You Go

It’s time to plan your route for the 2017 Homes by Architects tour. Get ready to enjoy some great architecture against the beautiful backdrop of the Twin Cities in the fall. Here are some tips to help you make the most of the tour:Get off the beaten path. Driving out to Excelsior and Stillwater locations […]

The Conversation About Affordable Housing

At the Homes by Architects Tour, we like to de-bunk some myths and stereotypes about architects that may be in the public mind. We really love to show how architects are think-outside-the-box, collaborative problem-solvers who can make a significant impact in our communities.A special project on this year’s tour aims to drive home that fact. […]

Blending Old and New in Home Design: See it Done Right at This Year’s Tour

Blending the old and the new can create truly unique home designs. The special expertise of architects helps homeowners bring the blend to life effectively. Three homes on the 2017 Homes by Architects tour successfully preserved the best of their history while adding modern elements for today’s livability.After a series of additions and remodels, Home […]

Alternatives to the McMansion: Designing a Home for Your Neighborhood

Many homeowners want to make their mark on their individual space without making too distinctive a mark on their surrounding community. Architects can help homeowners design projects that maximize improvement opportunities without losing the character of the neighborhood. Two homes on the 2017 Homes by Architects tour met the owners’ needs and blended seamlessly with […]

See Age-in-place Design at the Homes by Architects Tour

A recent HomeAdvisor survey found that 61% of homeowners over age 55 plan to stay in their homes indefinitely as they age. With a growing need for home design that allows for aging in place, architects are a valuable resource, employing smart design solutions to help homeowners continue living safely and comfortably in their homes […]

Collaborating with an Architect on Your Home Design: Does it Really Work?

A hundred years ago it was not unheard of for an architect to move in with a family for a period of time and silently observe their daily habits before designing a new home for them. Thankfully that practice is no longer followed, and today’s more collaborative (less creepy) relationship between architect and client serves […]

Luxury Living Design Trends at the Homes by Architects Tour

You don’t need to live a life of luxury in order be curious about designing for those extra comforts in a home. Some of the projects on this year’s tour will satisfy that itch while showcasing some new trends in luxury finishes and architectural details that add that extra, luxurious flair to a home.It is […]

Making Your Home More Sustainable

Whether starting from scratch or remodeling an existing home, building sustainably can be done without sacrificing style and vision. This year’s Homes by Architects tour features projects that highlight many ways to build “green,” blend into the community and respect the legacy of a site.Newland Architecture took on a special challenge with Home #7: the […]

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