At the Homes by Architects Tour, we like to de-bunk some myths and stereotypes about architects that may be in the public mind. We really love to show how architects are think-outside-the-box, collaborative problem-solvers who can make a significant impact in our communities.

A special project on this year’s tour aims to drive home that fact. The Hex House, Home #14, was born of a global group of experts who sought housing solutions for refugees from the Syrian Conflict, and whose prototype for easily constructed, rapidly-deployable, dignified housing can also be considered in the context of a solution for affordable housing or emergency shelter for homeless.

Designed by Architects for Society, the Hex House is a low-cost, off-grid, rapidly deployable, durable home shipped in pieces and assembled by the end users. Reasonably priced, it is designed to make modern, comfortable, well-designed housing affordable for all. Each house can be assembled by a team with no prior construction experience and minimal instruction. It’s inclusion on this home tour is an effort to provoke conversation about what affordable, dignified housing looks like and how architects can be part of the solution when it comes to housing for all.

Tickets to the 2017 Homes by Architects Tour are now available for purchase online. Tickets are $15 in advance or $20 during the tour. 

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