(f.k.a. Sustainability Action Plan Next Steps Meeting)

Please join us for another thought-provoking session with the Minneapolis Climate Action Accelerators Task Force, where they will be diving in on the subject of AIA Reporting for Small Projects. This session will be focused on calculating the U-values of your small projects, identifying potential envelope losses, and translating into energy use intensity (EUI) for reporting in the AIA 2030 Commitment. Please bring your laptop etc., if possible!

For this session, you will need to have identified a sample building to work with, that should have the following metrics:

  • Gross area of building
  • Exterior wall area, less Glazing area 
  • Glazing area
  • Roof area

You will also need to ideally understand the basic composition of those assemblies to check against a provided ASHRAE table from which you will be able to get basic U-values for the calculator.

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