AIA Center for Emerging Professionals

2020 graduates and early career professionals are entering the profession at an unprecedented time. With social distancing guidelines, and states slowly lifting their stay-at-home orders, starting your career can be a daunting task. As the profession prepares for economic uncertainty, firms must be more discerning about how they grow their staff. Hear from three firm leaders and a recently hired emerging professional on what firms are looking for in potential candidates. Learn tips on how to stand out from the crowd and navigate the interviewing process. Finally, prepare yourself for the virtual onboarding process and integrating yourself into the team from afar.In this webinar you will:

– Learn what skills and qualities standout in a resume, portfolio, or cover letter as firms evaluate potential candidates during COVID-19.
– Get insight into how firms evaluate their portfolios and make the decision to take on new employees.
– Assess tips and tricks for virtual interviewing and present yourself as a prime candidate during the interview.
– Understand the virtual onboarding process and how to connect with your new team from afar.