Joint Meeting with BEC -MN, International Masonry Institute and the Minneapolis-St. Paul Chapter of CSI. This meeting will include: manufactures table tops,  hands-on training and a group competition. Please plan to get dirty – wear older clothes and appropriate footwear. Please bring an appropriate face mask.

10:30 AM to 11 AM – Registration
11 AM to 12 PM – Table Tops. Box Lunch and Networking
12 PM to 1:30 PM – Hands On Training and Competition

Door prizes will be awarded to the winning team or teams.

Learning Objectives:
– Gain a better understanding on the importance of compatibility and continuity of flashing and air barriers
– Obtain hands on training from IMI’s training staff and industry experts on how to properly install thru wall flashings
– Gain a better understanding on how to properly specify air barriers and thru wall flashing systems

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