The Construction History Society of America is proud to invite you to participate in an upcoming webinar, “Black Workers in the Building Process of Early America.” This webinar is a unique opportunity to explore and discuss the critical role that black workers played in the building process of early America.

The webinar will be hosted by leading experts in the field of construction history, who will share their insights and perspectives on this fascinating topic. The discussion will cover a range of issues, including the contributions of black workers to the construction industry, their working conditions, and their impact on American society.

Sponsored by the Construction History Society of America, this webinar is open to everyone interested in construction history, including professionals, academics, and students. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of the essential contributions of black workers to America’s construction history.

Presenting in this webinar: Enslaved Builders of Southside Virginia, By Clifton C. Ellis, PhD The movers of the work’: The Army and Black Workers in Reconstruction Alabama, By John Dean Davis, PhD Interpreting Documentary Evidence of Enslaved and Free Blacks in the building process in the South in the Colonial and Early National Period, By Carl Lounsbury, PhD

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