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Envelope design and performance considers the intersections between net-zero and net-positive envelopes, systems, and wellbeing:  High-performance envelopes are integral to net-positive buildings and require a rigorous approach to thermal, moisture, and materials considerations. Shona O’Dea will consider how IEQ, IAQ, occupant health, and net-positive may be synonymous, and the challenges in accomplishing these symbiotic energy-carbon-wellbeing goals.  Garrett Mosiman’s presentation will explain the basic building science underlying heat transfer across enclosure components, a key component of energy efficiency. A basic understanding of moisture dynamics will be superimposed on this foundation to explain the durability dimension of enclosure performance. Solutions to the resultant conundrum will emerge in the form of the “Perfect Wall,” along with its “plainclothes” permutations.

Shona O’Dea, Senior Associate, Performance Design Team, DLR Group

Shona earned an honors degree in Building Services Engineering from the Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland’s leading sustainable building engineering program, and moved to the Midwest as part of the Atlantis dual master’s program in Sustainability, Technology and Innovation at Purdue University. She currently serves as Young Engineers in ASHRAE Region VI Coordinator, President of the Chicago Chapter of IBPSA.

Garrett Mosiman, Research Fellow, Center for Sustainable Building Research

Garrett worked for ten years as a carpenter, model builder, project manager and architectural designer in Texas and Minnesota. His primary field of expertise is sustainable materials and their use in durable building assemblies that honor the principles of sound building science. Other areas of interest include the problem of light pollution, urban hydrology, and energy efficiency. At CSBR, Garrett has performed iterative energy modeling exercises to compare performance of windows in various climates, worked on community-oriented design projects, and provided architectural expertise for a team of engineers developing a novel residential roof panel system. Among other things, Garrett is currently responsible for administering the day-to-day operations of the B3 design guidelines and implementation of a new online compliance tracking tool.


The 2021 Marvin Lecture Series is part of the Marvin Collaboration to support the integration of architectural design, environmental technology, and high-performance sustainable design practices towards the goal of net-positive architecture. This spring’s lecture series includes guest practitioners who will explore the potential opportunities and trade-offs in designing architecture to reduce ecological impacts and energy consumption while meeting the highest standards for design excellence.