A national panel discussion, Equity Matters III — Student Voices, brings together student leaders to hear their perspectives on how campuses may become more equitable, with a focus on challenges facing underrepresented students. The noted NPR journalist and author Maria Hinojosa will lead the interactive talk with prominent students leaders of varied backgrounds and viewpoints, encouraging a high level of audience questions and answers.

Panelists include:
– Vianna Vo, Executive President, Stanford University
– Lamar Richards, Student Body President, UNC Chapel Hill
– A student advocate for accessibility
– Maria Hinojosa, moderator
– Christiana Moss, Studio Ma, convener

The discussion addresses a fundamental question: If college is meant as an equal platform for all to move forward, how do we recognize and surmount the unequal access faced by so many students on campus? And what is the university’s role in facilitating processes that yield effective environments of equity and justice? In answering the questions, the panel will expose new and at times unexpected visions of how equity and justice look on tomorrow’s university campus.

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