Join CSI Minneapolis-St. Paul on Monday November 6, 12:00–2:00 pm, for their monthly chapter meeting. We will be welcoming architectural students from Dunwoody. The meeting will be held at Dunwoody College of Technology in the Holden Room on the First Floor.

New construction systems like robotics, prefabrication, and modular depend on design-driven data, but contractors and fabricators must recreate that data by interpreting the architects’ drawings. And while BIM changed the way architects designed and how they created instruments of service, it didn’t change the way they practiced. It is time for architects and specifiers to step forward and own the processes that create design data and for design to lead the industry into a new digital platform. New tools now protect data from corruption and establish, in clear terms, how data drives construction activities. In this session a panel will discuss these tools and challenge the audience to transform their practices to be not just consumers of data but creators of a new data ecosystem.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the difference between traditional and digital practice.
  2. Gain a deeper understanding of the management, contract, and design tools available to digital leaders.
  3. Communicate more effectively in the digital design and construction ecosystem.
  4. Leverage data to improve efficiency throughout the design and construction process.

Timothy Dufault, FAIA Co-founder of CONCERTvdc, Inc.

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