and Birchwood Palace Industries present a Three-Season Porch Walking Tour by artist Monica Sheets

Join local artist Monica Sheets, Birchwood Palace Industries, and on Saturday, September 18 at 2:30pm at the Casket Arts Building in Northeast Minneapolis for a walking tour and discussion of one of Minnesota architecture’s most idiosyncratic features — the three-season porch.

A porch is usually built to be a transition between the public space of the street and the private space of the home, yet many features of the three-season porch muddy the message of welcome a porch traditionally provides. Like a lot of Minnesotans themselves, they send mixed signals, which makes them tough to interact with. Are they private spaces? Front doors? Places for low-stakes interactions with neighbors? Why do so many have a doorbells and “No Trespassing” signs? Should I say hi or not?

The tour will visit various examples and discuss our physical, mental and cultural responses, using the porch as a jumping off point to consider social relations writ large. This tour will start and end at the front door of the Casket Arts Building (681 17th Ave NE, Minneapolis MN 55413). The walk will last approximately one hour and cover one mile at a leisurely pace. Bring what you need to maintain your physical equilibrium, e.g. water, sunscreen, umbrella, camp stool, etc. It’s free, and no RSVP is required, though there is a Facebook page.