Gross burn rate is an important thing to measure
. Burn rate is the pace at which a firm is running through its capital ahead of it generating any positive cash flow.  It allows you to answer the question: “If we don’t sign another project, how many months can we stay in business? How long is our runway? This webinar looks at the key performance indicators associated with your runway and burn rate and teaches you how to estimate your projected income.
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The Designing Your Business Masterclass series was created by acclaimed architect and business consultant Douglas Teiger, FAIA, to help fellow architects and engineers run their firms more profitably while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. On the third Wednesday of every month, Douglas Teiger dives deep into an essential topic that will strengthen the profitability of your firm and make it sustainable for growth in the years to come. Tune in monthly for the full experience or simply register for the courses that focus on topics where you could use a little extra help. The goal of this masterclass is to implement systems and processes that increase profitability and create freedom, allowing you to get back to the areas of your practice and your life that you love.