Saturday Optional Lunch

For Saturday’s lunch, you are welcome to join us for a soup and sandwich buffet at Fitger’s Inn for an additional $20, or eat out at one of Duluth’s many excellent restaurants. When you register for the conference, you will be prompted to note if you wish to order the $20 lunch at Fitger’s.

Saturday Afternoon: Optional Activities

On Saturday afternoon, you can choose to attend one of the following activities, or take this time to explore Duluth or relax on your own. Activities #1 and #2 have an additional charge of $15 per person. When you register for the conference, you will be prompted to note if you wish to register for one of these two activities.

#1 Workshop:

Trapped Puzzle Rooms presents “Mystery Night…IN SPAAACE!!”

Retreat speakers Jamie Fassett-Carman and Mark Larson of Trapped Puzzle Rooms will lead activity attendees through a puzzle adventure into the final frontier. Teams head into space on their state-of-the-art starship to answer a distress call. Mystery Night is a fun, interactive puzzle hunt experience for teams of four to six players, working together to solve a series of puzzles.

-1:30 pm
-Additional cost: $15/person
-Limited to 80 people

#2 Tour:

Dennis Gunsolus’ Collection of Artful Antique Stoves

Join us on a tour of Dennis Gunsolus’ collection of more than 200 ornate and meticulously restored antique stoves. Read more on Gunsolus and his collection in the Star Tribune

-1:00 pm
-Additional cost: $15/person
-Limited to 30 people

Photo credit: Alex Kormann for the Star Tribune

#3 Film:

Screening of The Cardboard Bernini

The Cardboard Bernini examines the work and life of artist James Grashow as he builds a giant cardboard fountain inspired by the work of the famous baroque sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

-2:00 pm