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2018 IBC Transition from the 2012 IBC

Registration for this program is now closed. Contact Deanna Christiansen with questions.On March 31, 2020, Minnesota will transition from the 2012 International Building Code (IBC) to the 2018 IBC. This seminar will assist participants in implementing the transition from the 2012 IBC to the 2018 IBC. It will include relevant changes in the 2015 IBC. […]

AIA Northern MN Regional Meeting – 2018

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AIA St. Paul Regional Meeting

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AIA Minneapolis Regional Meeting – 2018

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AIA Disaster Assistance Program: Building Evaluator Training

Registration is now closed.To inquire about availability, contact Deanna Christiansen.SAP Training – Safety Assessment ProgramPresented with support from Anchor Block.When a disaster strikes, one of the first tasks for a community is to determine whether the buildings are safe for habitation. Trouble is, the structures that must be examined often greatly outnumber the quantity of […]

High Wind Sheltering and Resilience Planning

 This seminar is now closed. This seminar will cover what architects need to know about the 2015 International Building Code (IBC) requirement for ICC 500 storm shelters. In order to design resilient communities, we need to be able to survive and bounce back from natural disasters such as tornadoes. Discover effective solutions for sheltering from tornadoes […]

Electronic Access Control and Your Project

This seminar has been canceled due to low enrollment.  This course will briefly cover the different types of access control currently available in the marketplace. The presentation will describe the advantages and disadvantages of each system and explain how to determine the best fit for your project. Card reader, Card, FOB, phone technologies, and encryption concerns will all be […]

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Registration is now closed.Contact Deanna Christiansen with questions. This program is useful for architects, interior designers, contractors, and owners to understand the potential hazards that might exist in buildings. There have been some recent changes in the building code that have placed the designer in a position to determine the slip resistance requirements for different locations […]

MFBA Session 1: Client Relations

This first session will focus on the art and science of building a strong and lasting relationship with your client.

Special Inspections / Firestopping

Register nowThis presentation will describe the requirements for special inspections that are now a part of the 2012 International Building Code. Although firestopping is nothing new, the inspection component is new for a number of building categories. This program will outline the types of buildings that will require inspections and the types of materials that can be used […]

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