Team Member Volunteer Opportunities

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MDT Teams volunteer to visit several communities each year. You may join a team of 12–20 volunteers for an intensive, charrette-style weekend of learning, sharing, and developing ideas for each community’s future—based on the MDT Team’s vision. MDT volunteers, with previous visit experience, may participate as a Team Leader. Two to three team leaders act as co-leaders for each visit. Team Leaders help communities prepare for the visit, assemble the volunteer design team for the visit, and facilitate the visit weekend process. Download the 2016 MDT Event Calendar.

Download the Volunteer Guidebook to learn more.

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Volunteer/Team Member Reimbursement Form

Recently volunteered for a MDT Visit?  Download the team member reimbursement form to be reimbursed for your expenses. NOTE: AIA is able offer up to 10 continuing education credits (not HSW) for each MDT Visit. These credits are for architects and are self-reported. Learn more at

Monthly Meetings

MDT meetings are open to all those interested in participating in MDT programs. Monthly meetings are held January-May and September-November. Come to discuss MDT happenings, learn about issues related to Minnesota communities, and find out more about the MDT process. Learn more about monthly meetings.

Special Events

MDT holds a winter retreat, summer picnic, and holiday party each year. The retreat is in January, the picnic is in June or July, and the holiday party is in December. Come socialize with other MDT participants and learn more about MDT. Learn more about events.

Community Application Review

Each year MDT receives applications from Minnesota communities interested in scheduling a visit to their community. Experienced MDT participants review each application, present their findings, and help facilitate a review discussion at a monthly MDT meeting. Learn more about applying for an MDT for your Community.

Screening Visit

Once a community’s application has been reviewed and appears to be a candidate for a visit, several MDT participants will visit or conference call with members of the community to help them understand the official MDT visit process.

Leadership Team

MDT’s Steering Committee guides the MDT. The MDT Steering Committee includes an outgoing chair and two co-chairs, a treasurer, a communications director, and other experienced advisors.   Register as a MDT participant to receive MDT informational notices and to be selected to participate on MDT Team Visits. Already registered, but your information changed? Email your updated contact information to MDT.

The Minnesota Design Team will use your information for our records only. We do not share your information with other organizations.