The Homes by Architects Tour, founded by AIA Minnesota in 2008, is a two-day in-person and a multi-week virtual event and public outreach opportunity where architect-designed homes from around the state are showcased to a public audience. 

By showcasing high-quality new and remodeled, architect-designed homes from a range of project types, sizes, budgets, and sites, the event strives to demonstrate the value of architect-led residential design and educate the public about the quality and diversity of skills an architect can offer. 

Additionally, the tour provides an opportunity for AIA Minnesota members to promote their services, expand their client base, and showcase their high-quality work. 

Explore the public-facing Homes by Architects Tour website here.

2023 Event Dates 

The Homes by Architects Tour is a hybrid event. Homes will be available to tour in person on Saturday, September 23 and Sunday, September 24, 2023, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm each day. A virtual tour will be available to view online Saturday, September 23–Sunday, October 8, and will be re-released in early 2024. 

Submit for the 2023 Tour Now

Submit your project for the 2023 Homes by Architects Tour now. The deadline for submissions is Friday, April 21, at 12:00 pm CT. 

Download the Call for Entries (all of the below information is in the Call for Entries PDF)
Download the In-Person Tour Architect Agreement
Download the Virtual Tour Architect Agreement
Download the In-Person Tour Homeowner Consent Form
Download the Virtual Tour Homeowner Consent Form
Download the List of Suppliers Form


Residential projects designed by a registered architect, or a team where a registered architect is the lead designer, who is a current AIA Minnesota member are eligible. Projects may be new construction, remodels, or additions, and must have been completed within the past six years (as of January 1, 2023) or, if new construction, must be scheduled for completion by September 1, 2023. 

Projects should exemplify the best qualities of an architect’s work, demonstrate an innovative use of design solutions and/or materials, and tell a compelling story. Single-room or small-in-scope projects may undergo additional scrutiny to ensure they adequately illustrate the objectives of the event. 

No firm may have more than 25 percent of the homes on the tour, and no single architect may have more than two projects on the tour.

Choose to Show Your Project In-Person, Virtual, or Both Ways

AIA Minnesota is pleased to offer three options for showcasing your project in 2022: 

  1. In-person only 
  2. Virtual only 
  3. Both in-person and virtual

In the virtual scenario (Option #2), a project is showcased completely online through photography and videos (provided by the architect) and via a virtual Matterport tour (coordinated by AIA Minnesota). The physical property address of a virtual project will not be disclosed and no tour goers will have in-person access to the home. 

For projects that are to be showcased in-person and virtually (Option #3), firms will have the option of having the Matterport tour filmed well in advance of the in-person tour weekend, or to have it filmed on the Friday before (Friday, September 22) or Monday after (Monday, September 25). The Homes by Architects virtual tour website will be updated with any Matterport tours that were filmed on September 22 or 25 in time for the January 2024 re-release. 

Step 1: Submission Process

To submit a project for consideration of inclusion on the tour, the following information is required: 

— Project information: address, project type, square footage, date of completion, description — Entrant information: firm information, design team names, firm logo, architect headshot or team photo 
— Project images: high-resolution, print-ready project photos or, if no print-ready photos are available at the time of submission, renderings, sketches, plans, construction photos or scouting shots 
— Consent forms: signed consent from homeowners, signed Architect Agreement form 
— Supplier Information: list of all project partners along with contact information for each 
— New in 2022: Paragraph on how the project demonstrates at least one AIA Framework for Design Excellence category* 
— New in 2023: Description of sustainable design elements and/or processes 

Materials must be submitted electronically using AIA Minnesota’s online awards platform. The deadline to submit projects without paying a late fee penalty is Friday, April 21, 2023 by 12:00 pm CT. After this date, any projects accepted on the tour will be subject to a $100 late fee.

*Unfamiliar with the AIA Framework for Design Excellence? Didn’t design with the Framework in mind? That’s okay! We expect you’ll find that your project naturally demonstrates at least one of the 10 Framework categories. Explore them and learn more here »

Step 2: Selection Process

A submission is considered complete when all portions of the application are completed and signed, including signed consent from the homeowners to participate in the tour if their home is selected. By completing a submission, you are not ensured a spot on the tour. 

Members of the AIA Minnesota residential architecture committee will review all submitted projects at the May 2, 2023 meeting and evaluate each one fairly and objectively, with a primary goal of selecting a diverse and representative range of project types, scopes, budgets, and sites that best support the programmatic objectives of the tour. All submissions are subject to final approval by AIA Minnesota staff. 

Submissions are reviewed with the following questions in mind: 

Does the project demonstrate innovative use of design solutions and/or materials? 
Does the project tell a compelling story that would be appealing to a broad audience? 
Does the project illustrate the value of architectural services in the design solutions? 
— New in 2023: Does the project feature sustainable design elements and/or processes? 
— New in 2023: Taking into consideration the other tour submissions, how well would this project add variety to the tour? 

Step 3: Confirmation of Projects and Payment of Participation Fees

Following completion of the selection process, all submittors will be notified of the outcome. Submittors whose projects were selected for inclusion on the tour will be invited to attend an orientation session and participation fees will be collected. 

In-person format participation fee: $2,600
Virtual format participation fee: $400 + the cost of the Matterport filming* 
Virtual format participation fee if firm owns and is willing to use their own Matterport camera**: $400 
Both in-person and virtual format participation fee: $3,000 + the cost of the Matterport filming* 
Both in-person and virtual format participation fee, if firm owns and is willing to use their own Matterport camera**: $3,000 

*AIA Minnesota staff will coordinate Matterport filming, doing their best to find to find an affordable vendor that meets the tour’s quality standards.
**Subject to AIA Minnesota staff verification of firm’s ability to produce a Matterport virtual tour that meets the tour’s quality standards. 

Participants may choose from two payment schedule options: 

Plan A. Payment in full by May 31, 2023. 
Plan B. Two installments: initial payment of 50% of participation fee on May 31 and final payment of remaining amount plus 10% administrative fee by June 30, 2023. 

Questions? Contact Ann Mayhew at (612) 767-1740 or