This summer, AIA Minnesota became the first AIA-related organization in the nation to hold a Just 2.0 label from the International Living Future Institute. Just is a transparent, inward-facing label that reports on how the organization lives its equity-based values. The label allows AIA Minnesota to focus on a path of continuous improvement for a fairer and more just workplace. It also serves as a tool to begin broader conversations in the AEC industry about ways to improve values-based workplace operations.

Several Minnesota architecture firms have also published their Just labels in recent months; they note the advantage of having a benchmark to start from in terms of constant improvement in their health, well-being, and equity programs for employees.

Just is advertised as a “nutrition label” for socially just and equitable organizations. Rather than an emphasis on certification, the program operates as a voluntary disclosure mechanism that allows organizations like AIA Minnesota to share our performance in indicator areas such as employee benefits, employee health, diversity and inclusion, stewardship, purchasing and supply chain, and equity.

The process involves establishing a dashboard and providing detailed information about the organization to inform the label itself. Once the label process is complete, organizations, including AIA Minnesota, can utilize the label’s benchmarks to identify pathways to further improvement of practices and policies that improve organizational culture. Our label is also part of a national database of labels, which includes those of Minnesota architecture and design firms that have completed the label process. 

Want to know more about Just? Visit the program website to learn more.