2022 Session Update and Action Alert

The Minnesota legislature adjourned in May without completing work on a tax bill that would extend the Historic Preservation Tax Credit or passing a bonding/capital investment bill. We urge you to contact your legislators to press them to head back to the Capitol to complete a special session that includes these essential items as soon as possible.

To find out who represents you in the Minnesota House and Senate, visit: https://www.gis.lcc.mn.gov/iMaps/districts/

Not all legislators provide a direct email address, but they do receive the messages you send in the online form.

Sample email language

Subject line: Pass the Historic Preservation Tax Credit and a bonding bill ASAP

Dear (Rep. Name or Sen. Name),

I am an architect and a constituent and was deeply disappointed to see that several important pieces of legislation were not completed during the regular session. I’m writing today to ask you to go back to the Capitol for a special session as soon as possible, as the lack of completed work will directly impact my business and all our Minnesota communities.

Allowing the Historic Preservation Tax Credit to sunset will take away a crucial funding mechanism and will have incredibly disruptive impacts on projects underway and in planning. The credit will expire on June 30 if nothing is done. Please pass the tax omnibus bill, which includes a path forward for the credit.

Not completing a bonding/capital investment bill means that communities, nonprofits, public agencies, and others will have to either delay projects or pay more to complete them, which is challenging during these times of heavy inflation. We have a massive backlog of deferred maintenance on public buildings, which will only grow both in the number of projects that need attention and the cost to complete the work. Bonds need to be obligated by September 30, and delays can push projects back a full construction season.

In short, not completing work on these two crucial policies will cost us all. It will cost us in our ability to complete much-needed work around the state, in our ability to finance projects efficiently, and our ability to preserve our existing buildings and infrastructure. This will impact the design, engineering, and construction industry directly, but it will impact us all as Minnesotans in the long run.

Please don’t wait. Go back for a special session as soon as possible.

Thank you for your consideration.  I look forward to hearing from you.