Why Take the All-Member Survey?

by Mary-Margaret Zindren, EVP/Executive Director

As I write this, the Minnesota State Legislature is reconvening for a session that we are optimistic will result in our largest bonding bill yet. AIA Minnesota is already holding meetings with policymakers on bonding, energy efficiency and building codes, housing issues, and procurement. We are preparing the print annual of ENTER, which will be mailed to all legislators, the mayors and administrators Minnesota’s major cities and regional centers, and the leaders of major public-, private-, and nonprofit-sector organizations.

The Lake Superior Design Retreat and Search for Shelter – both 30+ years strong – are open for registration and seeking volunteers. The Minnesota Design Team is gearing up for a community visit to Silver Bay. Leadership positions for our 19 committees and knowledge communities are about to be filled. The Home of the Month and Homes by Architects Tour programs are open for submissions. Marketing is beginning for our National Intercultural Leadership Program to be held this spring. Our Community of Practice for Culture Change is reconvening. An assessment to drive greater effectiveness in youth outreach programming kicks off next week. A new public engagement website encouraging Minnesotans to share images of their favorite places is moving into beta testing. And we just submitted a grant request to the U.S. Forest Service focused on accelerating mass timber construction.

Simultaneously, the Minneapolis chapter has formed a new task force to support small firms’ ability to adopt sustainable design approaches. The Northern Minnesota chapter has launched an effort to spotlight the work of women in architecture in the Northern region. The St. Paul chapter is revamping the St. Paul Prize and planning neighborhood-focused events and mentorship programming. And the Minnesota Architectural Foundation (MAF) is in the midst of a campaign to grow the number of scholars supported by the Wigington Fund.

This is an illustrative but far from complete list of the efforts we currently have underway to support the profession and the best of what the built environment can be.

How do we determine the wide array of programs and services offered by the state and local chapters? Why are these our areas of emphasis?

What AIA Minnesota, the local chapters, and the MAF do – where staff and volunteer leaders spend their time, energy, and resources – is overwhelmingly shaped by what we hear from you, our members.

In 2016, we conducted an extensive member survey. What we heard from members then has been foundational our work ever since.

A lot has changed over the past six years – the past two years, in particular. We’re asking every member to weigh in now to inform our next multi-year strategic workplan. Your perspectives are critical to ensuring that our efforts support your personal career-development needs, help Minnesota firms attract and retain great teams, and foster a built environment that is resonant, relevant, and resilient, far into the future.

So, please mark time on your calendar to take the all-member survey. We’re eager to hear from you! Take the survey »

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