A legacy gift is a planned contribution that designates some part of an individual’s estate as a donation to a nonprofit/foundation. Donors can allocate a specific amount of money to give after they die, such as a lump sum or a percentage of their total wealth, or they can choose to give the remainder of their estate to a nonprofit after all of their other bequests are paid.

Making a legacy gift to the Minnesota Architectural Foundation (MAF) enables you to create a powerful philanthropic legacy by investing in excellence, leadership, discovery, and equity in the profession of architecture in Minnesota. 

Language and Federal Tax ID

The simplest way to bequest a gift is through your will and a living trust or beneficiary designation. Be sure to include MAF’s legal name, location and tax ID number and the nature of your gift (for example, cash, property, insurance policy, retirement plan, etc.). Your planned gift can be designated to MAF in general or towards a specific named fund – review the MAF named funds and information. The MAF information to include is listed here:

Minnesota Architectural Foundation
105 5th Avenue South, Suite 485
Minneapolis, MN 55401
Tax ID: 23-7086358

Named MAF funds to which you can designate (or not):

  • Thomas F. Ellerbe Scholarship
  • Ralph Rapson Traveling Study Fellowship
  • Clarence Wigington Architectural Scholarship
  • Beverly E. Hauschild-Baron Leadership Fund
  • Women in Architecture Fund

Informing MAF of your intentions helps us to respect your planned gift, honor your legacy, and inspire others to follow your kind example. Your specific intentions/gift will remain confidential.

This information is intended to provide general guidance and accurate MAF information. It is recommended that you consult a financial advisor and/or personal attorney to discuss your individual situation and estate planning needs.