Recognizing EXCELLENCE in spirit and dedication of final-year  graduate students in architecture and engineering

The Thomas F. Ellerbe Scholarship was endowed in 1981 by the Ellerbe firm in honor of Thomas F. Ellerbe, FAIA. This fund annually awards two or more $1,000 to $3,0000 scholarships to exemplary architectural and engineering students in the final year of their master’s program.

2021 Scholarship Recipients

In our 39th year awarding the Thomas F. Ellerbe (TFE) scholarship, we are delighted to announce the recipients and honorable mentions. The program is administered annually by the Minnesota Architectural Foundation (MAF). To date there have been 17 engineering and 67 architectural recipients, receiving over $195,000 in awards.

Assessment criteria for judging the architectural portfolios: rigor of design, general creativity, clarity of presentation, and range of challenges explored. The basic assessment criteria for judging the engineering submissions were general creativity in scientific breakthrough thinking and research that has the potential to positively impact the sustainability of the built environment. Congratulations!

This year’s TFE scholarships were enhanced by the AIA Component Matching Scholarship Grant Program. A virtual reception honoring the scholarship and recipients was held in May.  

Award Recipients
Yiyue Lin
Noor Abdelhamid
Java Nyamjav

Honorable Mention with Distinctions
Kenos Leong
Ritah Kagezi

Honorable Mention
Kaitlin DeAngelis

2019 Scholarship Recipients

Award Recipients
Tyler Snell
Martin Preuss
Austin Watanabe

Honorable Mention
Trevor Isaacson

2018 Finalists and Recipients

Award Recipients
Pratibha Chauhan
Kyrshanbor Hynniewta
Joseph Mills

Danielle Baehm
Sarah Gastler
Sara Powers
Isaac Tapp
Weican Zuo

2017 Finalists and Recipients

Award Recipients
Keshika De Saram
Xin Hu
Amanda Weiker

Sundus Al Bayati
Kathleen Bond
Travis Herr
Eryn Kim
Shiqi Lu

2016 Finalists and Recipients

Award Recipients
Anna Mahnke
Bridget Geissler
Yong Gyun Noh

Molly Dalsin
Holly Engle
Alexa Iverson
Katie Loecken
Kyle Palzer

2015 Finalists and Recipients

Architecture Award Recipients
Brice Aarrestad
Alex Robinson

Engineering Award Recipient
Varsha Padhee

Architecture Finalists
Emilie Kopp
Samuel Daley
Christina Stark
Joe Mollen
Xuesheng Song
Pyi Maung

2014 Recipients and Finalists

Award Recipients
Kaylyn Kirby
Sanyong Hahn
Dan Raznick

Will Adams
Philip Bussey
Amy Ennen
Mitchell Hein
Claire Lonsbury
Shuping Wang