Advancing EQUITY in the profession by sponsoring promising minority students with focused and sustained financial support

Created in 1992 as the Minority Architectural Scholarship, this fund was renamed the Clarence Wigington Minority Architectural Scholarship to recognize the extraordinary professional and civic accomplishments of the first African American municipal architect in the United States and the first licensed African American architect in Minnesota. The Fund supports racial/ethnic minority students who have a specific interest in pursuing a professional architecture degree leading toward becoming a Registered Architect. 

Scholarship Applications for 2020/2021 Academic Year

MAF will provide up to two (2) scholarships to individuals who are black, indigenous, or person of color student who wishes to pursue a professional education in architecture and who holds promise for succeeding in such a career pursuit. This scholarship will continue to be funded to the successful student for each year in the professional architecture degree program through the completion of the degree as long as a full course load of classes is successfully completed each semester and other MAF requirements are met. Additionally, assistance with finding student employment opportunities in a Minnesota architectural firm will be provided to the successful student.  The scholarship amount received by the recipient each year in the program is determined the first year of the scholarship by the MAF Board of Directors (though each year is revisited and potentially discontinued if a full course load of classes is not successfully completed).

The MAF Wigington Scholarship Program provides a scholarship toward the pursuance of a professional degree in architecture. Scholarship funds are paid directly to the academic institution.

Eligibility is reserved for:

  1. U. S. citizens who are black, indigenous, or person of color. Preference will be given to Minnesota residents of African American heritage/descent.
  2. Students with a demonstrable financial need.
  3. Students accepted into an accredited professional architecture degree program in Minnesota with no more than three (3) years remaining in the program.
  4. Students whose academic performance, as well as personal interests and aptitude, hold promise for completion of this rigorous academic and professional challenge.

Application Requirements

  • Candidate Information (name, address, undergrad institution, race/ethnicity)
  • Two letters of reference to be emailed directly to
  • Financial information
    • FAFSA copy (most recent available)
    • Other Scholarships/grants received
  • Academic information (acceptance – yes/no/prerequisites, current transcript, concise and readily available representation of recent design work)
  • Short personal statement communicating interest in scholarship, general interests, and other awards and/or recognitions.

Selection Process and Schedule
August 1, 2020   
Application available – Applications are accepted through our online entry form and will require registering with an account
August 21, 2020    Application deadline
August 28, 2020    Finalist noticed and invited to an interview
Week of September 1, 2020    Interviews – Will be held via Zoom. Time to be coordinated with candidate
September 8, 2020    Wigington Scholar noticed by MAF. A mentor will be appointed to provide the recipient(st) throughout their time within the program.

Current Scholars

The Minnesota Architectural Foundation (MAF) is pleased to announce Laichee Yang as the most recent recipient of the Clarence Wigington Minority Architectural Scholarship. Yang is a first-year graduate student at the University of Minnesota School of Architecture. Yang joins current scholar Jordan Strickland on the list of MAF Wigington scholars.  The best of luck to both individuals on their path toward becoming an Architect. This year’s scholarship was enhanced by the AIA Component Matching Grant. 


The Wigington Scholarship from Ryan Siemers on Vimeo.

Past Scholarship Recipients

Jessica Holmes: M. Arch degree 2018
Savannah Steele: M. Arch degree 2018
Josh Ong: M. Arch. degree 2015
Namdi Alexander: M. Arch. degree 2014 
Vanessa Abin-Fuentes: M. Arch. degree 2014 
Jonathon Jacobs: M. Arch. degree 2013
Keon Blasingame: M. Arch. degree 2005
Pauv Thouk, AIA: M. Arch degree 2005