Celebrating DISCOVERY and advancement of architectural education to graduates and practitioners through foreign/domestic travel-study

First awarded in 1989, the Ralph Rapson Traveling Study Fellowship honors Ralph Rapson, FAIA. On the basis of a weekend juried design competition, this partially endowed fellowship awards young Minnesota architectural graduates or practitioners $10,000 to $12,000 to advance their education in architecture through foreign or domestic travel-study. Donations and fundraisers continue building this fund, which was initiated with a 1984 fundraiser.

2016 Ralph Rapson Traveling Study Fellowship

The 2016 Ralph Rapson Traveling Study Fellowship competition took place Thursday, March 10 through Tuesday March 15, 2016.  Competitors were charged with designing a structure(s) and environment that fosters community / police relations and serves as a catalyst for economic repair.  The site location is a 6-block area in the near North neighborhood of Minneapolis.

The jury will review 32 entries in an initial process on Friday, April 1, 2016 at which time 3-5 finalists will be identified.  The final jury will take place on Friday, April 15, 2016.  

2015 Ralph Rapson Traveling Study Fellowship

Nat Madson, AIA, has been announced as the winner of the 2015 Ralph Rapson Traveling Study Fellowship. This year’s program, held March 19 - 24, 2015, was to design an inspirational place dedicated to the Common Good by redeveloping an existing surface parking lot near the Minneapolis Central Library into a great place and urban park.

The jury chose five finalists from among the 36 entrants including:
Scott Aspenson, Assoc. AIA - RSP Architects View Finalist Boards
Kar-Keat Chong, Assoc. AIA - Snow Kreilich Architects View Finalist Boards
Peter Crandall, Assoc. AIA - City of Minneapolis View Finalist Boards
Nat Madson, AIA - HGA Architects and Engineers View Winning Boards
Matthew Sletten, Assoc. AIA - BWBR View Finalist Boards

This year’s jury members were Bill Baxley, AIA, Doug Freeman, Mic Johnson, FAIA, Rosemary McMonigal, FAIA, and Lucy Thompson. On Friday, April 24, 2015, each of the five finalists presented their design schemes to the jury and Nat Madson was named the 2015 Ralph Rapson Traveling Study Fellowship winner.

An Architect at HGA and an adjunct instructor at the University of Minnesota College of Design, Nat graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2007 with a Masters in Architecture. With the Fellowship, Nat is planning an American road trip where he will use filmmaking techniques to explore and document the built environment.

2014 Ralph Rapson Traveling Study Fellowship

Mark Stankey, AIA and his family blogged their way through Norway.  View their blog and follow their travels.

Mark is the 2014 Ralph Rapson Traveling Study Fellowship winner. The 2014 competition program was to design a “Case Study” House, as an exploratory analysis of a new way of residential living for the evolving definition of ‘single-family’. Currently starting a new firm, Mark graduated from Montana State University in 2006 with a master's in Architecture.  With the fellowship, Mark plans to travel to Norway as he continues to explore how architecture and site interact - specifically how buildings relate to the ground plane, sky, and water.

The jury chose five finalists from among the 36 entrants:

Thomas Clark, AIA
Michael Hara, Assoc. AIA
Mark Stankey, Assoc. AIA
Don Vu, Assoc. AIA
Jesse Zeien, AIA

Click on the individual's name to see their submission boards.

Download the 2014 Rapson Traveling Fellowship press release.